About Us



The Digital Empowerment Partnership!

Taiba Flocks is a leading Travel Agency based in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

TPConnects is an innovative travel technology leader in Offer and Order Management and NDC distribution solutions.  TPConnects is a certified developer of Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.  TPConnects is the first to be certified as a Solution Provider for IATA Financial Gateway, Only NDC Level 3 Certified provider in MENA Region, NDC Offer and Order Management and API provider for SV, WY, MK etc

Taiba Flocks is the General Sales Agents for TPConnects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia (Western Province).

In order to empower the Travel Agents to Go Online., TPConnects and Taiba Flocks is introducing Taiba Connect.  TAIBA CONNECT is a Digital Empowerment initiative launched in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


Taiba connect has been associated with TP Connect, a travel and tourism market technology company that has developed  its own NDC-based software, an integrated program that includes search engines, an e-payment gateway, and many other features that will be further refined.

Taiba Connect will carry on the marketing and distributing of the program on exclusive bases in EGYPT and KSA (Western Region) and we will provide training and continuous technical support to all participants and users of the program,which ensure the ease and smooth handling of the program.

Our vision:

Leading the way in providing services through the latest technology in the world of travel and tourism.

Our goal:

Excellence in providing  travel and tourism services through the largest system of business partners.

What We Offer

Registered Travel Agencies on Taiba Connect will be provided with their own B2B admin platform which can be used by their staff, sub-agents or various branches, B2C website with booking engine and  their own content like GDS, LCC, NDC Airlines, Hotel, Car, Transfer, Insurance etc along with a payment gateway connected with the Travel Agents own bank. The agencies will receive their own Mobile Application both on Android / iOS and a Corporate Booking Tool to be provided to the the corporates.

All integration, enhancements, upgrades, maintenance and hosting of the B2B, B2C, Mobile Application and Corporate Booking Tool will be taken care of  by TPConnects.

Contact TAIBA Connect or email info@taibaconnect.com  for “Terms & Conditions”.