Digital Marketing

Marketing for your products contributes to raising awareness of your brand and your products among your customers and communicating the developments of your business and company in your labor market.

TAIBA CONNECT owns a team of digital media experts which provide exceptional digital marketing results for companies all over the Kingdom by providing integrated packages of e-marketing solutions through the creation, design and management of creative content for your own business, as well as creating events, production and marketing strategies, and multiple media consulting.

Establishing a business identity

Establishing your brand identity uniquely from your competitors enhances your presence on various social media.

TAIBA CONNECT provides all its customers with integrated and different packages for the design of the basic visual identity and various designs such as: (Logo design - business card - official company papers - seal - uniform design and other various designs) In addition to providing marketing advice for your own project and providing full support for the design of an electronic entity for your brand.


Designs express what you want to deliver to the customer more than the content.

TAIBA CONNECT provides services of various types of designs to help your spread on social networking sites, including:
- Brand design.
- Create an identity.
- Video production.
- Designing mobile applications.
- Optimizing search engines.
- Website design.
- Logo design.

Managing social media Platforms

Manage your accounts on various social media platforms through a specialized team to help spread your brand, increase your profits and provide exceptional digital marketing results for companies through:
- marketing throughout the Internet (E-marketing through advertising, search engine optimization), analytics,
e-commerce systems, content management systems and email marketing.
TAIBA CONNECT also has a team of experts who provide our clients with appropriate digital strategic advice.
- Offline Marketing
(Special designs, printing materials - internal advertisements - external advertisements, conference and event management).