About Us

Taiba Connect is a technology company that builds and implements technical solutions, connectivity and networking,
protection and control systems, security consulting, and e-marketing.


To provide the latest technical and marketing solutions for our clients in government agencies or in companies to achieve the success they are aiming to, as well as, building continuous relationship with our clients in light of the implementation of the best measures and the highest levels of accuracy and protection.


To be part of the digital society that the national transformation Kingdom's 2030 digital vision is aiming for.
Strategy Consulting
Operations Careers
Management Consulting

Corporate Values

Are you looking for innovative, stunning, and responsive solutaions for the growth of your business?
Taiba Connect is one of the leading companies that offer you solutions with tangible results.
Taiba Connect shares a passion for generating great ideas and translating them into intelligent and innovative solutions ,We keep with the latest trends and technology to develop custom solutaions for our clients.
We aim at providing a complete range of IT services along with managed solutions at a rate that will easily meet your budgetary demands.