Technical Support Services

Provide ongoing technical support services and continuous technical support during different work periods. Through a set of packages that suit the work environment and meet the needs of the customers.

TAIBA CONNECT for Communications and Information Technology offers technical support packages at multiple levels in addition to assistance in solving technical problems.

Infrastructure Services

Computer network infrastructure is of great importance in the efficiency and stability of network systems services.

TAIBA CONNECT for Communications and Information Technology provides a service of planning, designing and implementing the infrastructure for wired and wireless computer networks professionally and according to high quality standards and criteria.

Data Center Room Services

The data center room hosts network’s servers, so it is considered the most important component within the computer network system.

TAIBA CONNECT for Communications and Information Technology provides planning, design and implementation of data centers, infrastructure servers and network applications with the best measures.

Consulting Services

The presence of an external party that studies, evaluates and receives technical projects increases the guarantee of the success of the project, the achievement of its objectives, the correct selection of technical systems management, support teams ensure the efficiency of the service.

TAIBA CONNECT provides its consulting services to be your successful partner in technical projects, by accurate selection of technical teams, in addition to training and follow-up of the work of the technical team.