Security solutions

TAIBA CONNECT offers a range of integrated solutions and consulting services to secure and protect computer and network systems within your company from various risks as well as protect information from theft and corruption, while allowing information to remain available and accessible to its target users.

TAIBA CONNECT team assists your company through information security and cyber security solutions and policies that guarantee a high degree of security.

Facing Disasters

Having a plan to face potential disasters that may occur within your company or your own organization, it is its role to protect you. Therefore.

TAIBA CONNECT for Communications and Information Technology assists in developing and implementing plans to confront risks and disasters and alternative solutions through TAIBA CONNECT’S advisory team.

Monitoring Systems

Within the cybersecurity tools and policies, there must be protection and access tracking systems to monitor activities and collect evidence when needed.

TAIBA CONNECT for Communications and Information Technology has a service of planning, designing, implementing, operating and supporting the latest and best monitoring and tracking systems in terms of performance, continuity and availability through a team trained at the highest level of professionalism at work.

Access and Tracking Systems

Control and monitoring of access to sensitive and restricted places requires an accurate and interactive system that ensures that only authorized and authorized persons have access to access those places and follow up on access attempts.

TAIBA CONNECT for Communications and Information Technology provides high-quality access and tracking systems in terms of accuracy and protection.