Smart Resources

Smart resources help you track the progress of all operations and optimally utilize the company's resources, in addition to reducing the cost of administrative systems.

TAIBA CONNECT provides Smart Resources for Communications and Information Technology, which is a cloud system that includes the human resources system, electronic billing system (approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority), warehouse management system, sales and purchases system, fleet system.

Customer Relationship Management CRM

CRM system helps companies identify their customers and identify the target audience, which allows adjusting marketing messages to attract more customers.

TAIBA CONNECT has developed one of the best cloud solutions that provide effective customer relationship management, analysis and improvement through a system compatible with different material management systems, call center solutions, networking and social media sites.

Programming applications and websites

One of the software solutions provided by TAIBA CONNECT which is planning, designing, creating, modifying, updating, documenting and testing new and modified software applications that are compatible with different smartphone operating systems.
We also provide our customers with the design and programming of websites and electronic stores for their projects with the latest software while providing standards for content protection and hosting.


To ensure the continuity of the work and security of the systems with renewable licenses, their renewal requires the presence of an intermediary party to provide and renew the licenses.

TAIBA CONNECT for Communications and Information Technology is an authorized partner and distributor for many technology solutions companies, operating systems and protection systems. We also provide the necessary licenses to operate and support digital and physical products.